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A Globtrotter is a Romanian travelling the world. The Globtrotters is a DJ Project rocking the world of dance music.

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The GlobTrotters supports the new launch from Hed Kandi – Beach House #13

hed kandi beach house hed kandi 2

Adi from The GlobTrotters was on the guest list and happily supported today’s launch from Hed Kandi – Beach House #13 which was organised in partnership with lastminute.com. An amazing event with an amazing crowd as usual from Hed Kandi. Here’s a preview of the new album – enjoy!

The BeatThiefs in Bucharest @ Kristal Glam Club

pukkaUp.RO.tiberiu.badea-tilllate.com RO-011

  Tony and Henry aka The BeatThiefs were the headliners for Pukka Up’s 10 Years anniversary party in Bucharest at Kristal Glam Club on the 27th of April 2013. They are not just awesome performers but also very open minded, ready to share their showbiz experience and the kind ofRead More…

Pukka Up 10 Years Anniversary Party at Kristal Glam Club in Bucharest with The BeatThiefs and The GlobTrotters

pukka up draft 2 kristal 27 04 2013

The GlobTrotters will have the honor to open the first party in Romania for the legendary Uk house music brand Pukka Up, this being followed the same night by also the first appearance in Romania of The BeatThiefs.Below are the visuals for the event. See you there!    

Pukka Up 10 Years Anniversary Party 10 Events, 10 Countries, 10 Clubs Official Video

pukka up crowd

The legendary Uk house music brand Pukka Up prepares an amazing event for 27th of April 2013 called The Day The World Partied. Pukka Up will present 10 events, in 10 different clubs located in 10 countries all in the same night. The GlobTrotters along with The BeatThiefs will hostRead More…

The GlobTrotters was created to inspire through music 1 million people to live their life to the max and build oustanding careers following their passions! Val (tech side) and Adi (marketing side) of The GlobTrotters